List of Australian Plants to Look for Leaf Miners On

As part of my research, I’m interested in collecting fresh records of leaf miners. Below is a list of host plants for which I’m particularly interested in getting material from. If you see a leaf mine on these plants, you can upload the record to the Australian Leaf Miners iNaturalist project or directly email me (email at the bottom).

I have listed them by state/territory, plant family and time of year that the mine has been recorded. However, you may find similar mines on related plant families, and you may find mines at different times of the year. I hope this list just gives you an idea of target plants I’m looking for. If possible, I will also link to an example of what the mine may look like.

Unfortunately sometimes all that’s in the literature is the name of the host plant, so I may not be able to provide an image of what the mine looks like (which may be why I’m interested in the plant in the first place!).

This page is constantly updated, and if the plant is listed here it means I am still interested in that plant!


Gynatrix pulchella – (September) – Tentiform mines that look like this

New South Wales/Australian Capital Territory

Gynatrix pulchella – (September) – Tentiform mines that look like this


Dysoxylum fraserianum

Stenocarpus salignus
Stenocarpus sinatus

Western Australia

Kennedia prostrata – (September)
Glycine romanosa – (April)

If you have observed any leaf mines on the above host plants, please send me an email at If you have permission to collect from that area and are willing to send me some samples, I can also reimburse you for postage. Do get in touch. 🙂

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