2021 – Year of the Blog

It feels a bit strange to have a blog in 2021, but it seems like things from the early 2000s are in again, so here we are!

An adult leaf mining moth (Macarostola sp.)
Two leaf mining moth larvae in a leaf (everything else is frass – poop)

Since starting my PhD in February (more info about me and my project), I’ve been making a lot of fun discoveries about leaf miners, Australian insects and Australian plants. I think my office mates are sick of hearing me talk about my project so I decided to start a blog to share my observations.

I was actually inspired by similar blogs such as BugTracks, which is a fantastic blog authored by Charley Eiseman, who is based in North America.

Planned blog posts include summaries on my attempts at rearing insects, my thoughts on being a PhD student, resources I find helpful etc.

If this sounds like a blog you’d like to follow: bookmark this page, subscribe to updates and/or follow me on social media. I’ll be posting there to let people know when I’ve updated this blog.